Apply for Membership

Greetings!  We are so glad you want to join our group and we hope that we can encourage you on your home school journey. Registration for the new members is open all year. However, to participate in Fall co-ops (start in September), applications must be submitted by July 13th. Anyone who joins after July 13th will be allowed to participate in co-ops in January IF space is available.

Please use the links below to access the application and required forms. 

Applicants please review our By-Laws and Statement of Faith before submitting an application. All members must agree with ReACHE's statement of Faith to be approved for membership.

1. Membership Application - Membership application will be completed online and submitted electronically to our Membership Director.

2. Pastor Recommendation Form - Pastor Recommendation form needs to be printed and given to your pastor for completion.  The pastor will then return the form to the Membership Director (address is on form). The recommendation form can also be completed electronically and sent to [email protected] from a church associated email address. If you do not have a church associated email address, please mail it to the address on the form.

(Please note:  All ReACHE members will be subject to a background check.)

3. Once forms are received, you will  be contacted for an interview.  If you have any questions about membership please contact Membership Director at [email protected] .

4. Upon approval of your application, please pay the membership fee

5. Once your membership fee has been paid, please complete the ReACHE website access request form. 

Request for Website Access:  Please fill out the Website Access information on the other page.  You will be approved after your interview with the Membership Director, dues are paid, and all information is completed.  This access is our only way of communication with our group through emails and our ReACHE calendar of events.

 Thank you!