Frequently Asked Questions



What day/time/place do you meet? This is information that we only give out privately for security reasons.


What are your dues? ReACHE membership is $75 per year. Co-op classes have their own fees set by the teacher that goes directly towards the budget for that class. We charge a $40 registration fee for co-op classes.

What type of classes are the co-op classes? Co-ops are mostly enrichment classes like karate, art, computer, drive through history etc. and change year to year.


Will I have to teach a class? Every ReACHE member is asked to serve by planning a field trip or mom’s night out. Every co-op family is asked to have a parent serve in co-ops as a helper or a teacher.


What steps do you take to keep everyone involved secure? We ask members to wear ReACHE t-shirts and nametags. We have hallway floaters and keep doors locked while classes are in session.


What are your deadlines for becoming a member or registering for classes? ReACHE membership is open all year. To register for co-op classes the membership process must be completed by July 13th


Why do you require an interview before approving membership? We interview to ensure that all ReACHE families have the same core beliefs and we speak in one voice about who Christ is and what He has called us to do through home education.